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Hey there!
I'm Laura Catella, conversionist


That means marketing that boosts numbers: copywriter behind $20M+ in sales, with particular expertise in internet marketing, entrepreneurial development, and B2B software.

Conversionist also means a fluff-free approach to teaching you how to sell more with your words in a way that will help destroy your obstacles, implement with vigor, and enjoy your sweet fruits of success.

Today, let's do that together, by allowing me to show you how to quickly and painlessly create marketing messages that captivate, connect, cause action, and convert customers (That's 5 whole C's.)

If you sell products or services online, then you already know that your conversion rate is one of the most important metrics.

Even a half percentage point increase can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your bottom line each month.

And did you know that even so-called professional marketers are in the DARK about the power words that are known to convert warm and ice cold visitors alike?

Believe it or not, these power words exist, they are right under your nose, and the proven way to use them is responsible for over $20 million in sales.

These power words are so simple and effective...

…that you’ll wish you discovered them much earlier.

But just don’t take my word for it.

Entrepreneurs who applied the insider tips that I’m about to share have recorded a notable improvement in results.


The problem most people face
when writing copy is not using simple
words that convert to real sales.

They focus on laying out the bare facts and hoping that people will make the buying decision from that.

That’s the wrong approach.

It’s the wrong game!

Think about it…

Why would anyone buy your products when they’ve come across so many similar offers before?

What makes your offer so valuable that people are willing to immediately pay for it?

In my own experience,

People will only buy if they can TOTALLY relate with the product or service you’re offering.

But most copywriters rarely appreciate that fact!

So they make mistakes like…

  • Write plain, non-conversational and boring content.
  • Not evoke emotions.
  • Not use storytelling to persuade people.
  • Ignore the subtle details that make all the difference.
  • Focus on correctness, grammar, and other irrelevant things instead of punch.

Don’t get caught up
in these rather wannabe mistakes


Writing kickass copy has everything to do with understanding the background process.

Thinking deep…

Learning what makes people click, how their minds work!

Doesn’t matter whether you’re using video, illustrations, cartoons or text.

The underlying foundation is all the same…

Whatever niche you are in, good copy is good copy.

That’s why I put together a simple guide incorporating copywriting wisdom from myself and tons of industry experts…

…that can help you realize sky-high conversions.

Here’s what’s inside the
Elite Level Copywriting

  • Strategy and Psychology and how it affects your audience – One of the crucial elements in understanding your audience is understand fundamental psychological principles. I go over the principles that pertain to you and your copywriting work!
  • A personal time/work management flow – The creative writing process is not as simple as many think. Creativity doesn’t come at the snap of a finger. But you can follow a process that can prevent writers block and keep you flowing!
  • The correct utilization of flow with word choice – Copywriting need not be viewed the same as academic writing, or even journalism or content writing. Copywriting is a magic that allows you to take a reader on a journey, and you don’t need to be held down by grammar and word choice!
  • Research Research and Research – Your market research is the difference between good copy and great copy. But research can be overwhelming…if you don’t know what to look for!
  • Why you don’t need to be an English major to create copy that converts – the only rule I follow is what reads best. A 7-year old should be able to read your copy without stammering or losing control.
  • Why building rapport can break barriers and soften your audience – learn to use the power of ‘you’, and strategic questions to get people interested.
  • Why writing is visual and auditory – how you present your copy matters a lot. Learn how to use the layout, form and appearance of your copy to send subtle subconscious triggers to your audience.
  • How to focus on the ‘Big Picture’ – edit your work to send one key message. Learn how to leverage pre-defined formulas to make your copy coherent and communicative.
  • Did you read or hear that…you don’t have to be a good writer to write good copy. You’ve been lied to. That’s flat out horse shit. Good writing. That’s the secret to your online prospecting… pg. 3
  • Always Remember: We’re not here to discuss just anything converting, no. We’re here to discuss methods (pretty easy ones) to help you rapidly become a better writer – better writers convert more, and they convert colder traffic. Pg. 4
  • To become a good writer, you have to tread after the best. The “$30, 000 for me to even look at it” guys…yeah – they’re good writers…the Halberts, Makepeaces, etc. They command the English language like an orchestra pit leader. Pg. 4
  • Good writing starts with engaging the reader. That means building rapport, asking questions, and using other proven writing fundamentals to keep readers engaged. Pg. 5
  • My 4 secret strategies for pacing, controlling the flow of copy so that it reads and sounds better than what my audience has been reading elsewhere. Pg. 7
  • Why Grammatical Incorrectness works great. “Correct but clunky” phrases such as gonna, gotta, wanna, nothin’, and hurtin’ reads and work great for internet marketing purposes outside the professional realm. Pg. 9
  • Form is meaning! This isn’t a lecture on full formatting or graphics. Don’t confuse this. It is a lecture on how bodies of text should appear on your pages. It is a lecture on your line breaks, subhead breaks, bullet breaks, etc. Writing is auditory and visual – words are on a page (or screen), where they can be looked at. So if they’re not pleasing to look at, fewer people will look at them! Pg. 10
  • How to use psychology as your best friend – 90% of effective copywriting involves conducting proper research. Understanding the psychology and mindset of your target audience is crucial. Master deadly psychological techniques that will make your offer irresistible. Pg. 13
  • Different types of people respond to different things differently. Oh, and we’re ALL different types of people. How confusing! Master 3 basic psychology tactics that can make all the difference. Pg. 14
  • How to ‘Hook and Voice’ your copy. Elite level copy always has a hook. The thing I don’t see discussed too often is the “author’s” (usually the product creator’s) voice. Pg. 17
  • 7 Deadly Sins (and Features v. Benefits). Think about how your product relates to 7 deadly sins that apply to every niche, and you’ll simultaneously uncover some of its bigger benefits. Pg. 19
  • Why storytelling and metaphors are such powerful tools. People love stories. The better a story teller you are, the better a copywriter you’ll be. Storytelling is so effective because whenever you can create a tangible image in someone’s mind (what? Isn’t tangible image an oxymoron…), you’re exactly where you want to be. Pg. 20
  • How hypnotic writing is part of what makes elite level copywriting poetic and artful. To take hypnotic writing in its simplest form, it means assuming the sale. “Once you access this system, you’ll be able to increase your traffic in minutes.” Pg. 21
  • The One Most Important Thing to Edit For…Your piece as a whole must follow a logical progression. By far (I mean by far!) the most powerful edits I make to my pieces involve taking one whole subsection and moving it somewhere else.

Hey, these are my Secret
Methods I’m Giving you Here

Just to clear the air again, the Elite Level Copywriting is a step by step guide that gets you from ‘wannabe’ mode to being a highly-effective copywriter.

Well, you could always pay a lot of money to a pro to create your copy. I charge $10,000 with 10% net profits as my base copywriting package –but the truth is, with a little gumption, and this guide, you CAN create great copy yourself.

Or outsource to the dozens of freelancing sites out there – where you really never know what type of results you’re going to get.

But I deeply believe in teaching people how to do things for themselves.


Copywriting is a valuable skill that will always count in your business dealings.

But all the same, note that this isn’t a quick fix method. You have to be willing to put in some time and effort.


I didn’t get to where I was now overnight, back then I would hesitate at charging my clients 5k+ on any given job.

But now, I don’t even blink an eye charging 3k+ for an email sequence.

Why? Because I learned what I needed to take my skills to the next level.

Like I said, it didn’t happen overnight, in fact I have been doing this for 12+ years.

And in those 12+ years, I’ve had mentors, met amazing copywriters and really honed in on my skills. And now, this report is finally ready for you!

And it’s not going to break the bank! This report was made entirely with you in mind…


If you see this as an investment to your growth, then you know that it is an easy investment to make, that will INSTANTLY show returns.

And don’t worry about the price tag. This information is coached and taught at live events for well over my price. Remember, knowledge is power.

You are one crucial piece of information away from your next breakthrough, that’s how it always is.

Most of the time, we seek for help outwards and it works, but this time, it’s coming to you.

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