Here's the crux of the issue...

If you want to reach a higher level, I can guarantee you’ll find it in words.

Because, consider...

Written, heard or thought, 95% of our communication is done with words.

There are infinite ways to evoke a feeling.

There are infinite ways to combine words.

So it makes sense that the more precise you are with your words, the better everything goes.

The more your audience connects with and thirsts for you...

The more they trust you, purchase from you, and take action on what you say.

Enabling you to give them the results they truly want...

So that your business is successful...

And customers come back to you, ecstatic...

Magnetizing more people towards you, and snowballing all parties’ success.

There’s nothing better than that.

But it’s possible the deck is stacked against you.

Because with infinite possibilities, come infinite ways to screw up.

Though, you’re reversing your chances of that.


For you to already be here, means that the power of words to level up your business is already right at your fingertips.


I know the right words to use for you to get what you want.

The principles of selling, and the language behind it, are age old, and I’ve mastered them both.

By being, or becoming, intimately connected with your market, I am able to see what they need to feel and know before they trust a brand and make a purchase.

I then put those words to work for your products, and people buy in larger quantities and at a higher rate than ever before.

It’s really simple and beautiful.


Here are just a few versions of the copy you can leverage like a beast right now:

Sales funnels, A-Z:

Pre-launch pages,
videos, webinars, etc.

Upsell and downsell
copy throughout the funnel.

Front end sales
copy and video scripts.

JV recruitment pages,
videos, swipes, etc.

Post launch webinar/
evergreen product transition.

Facebook ads,
e-mail sequences, etc.

Evergreen product copy. Evergreen autoresponder sequences. Facebook/Adwords/Banner creatives

And anything else that you know would be better if I wrote it. ;)

If you’d like to put this to work for you..

To smoke all of your $50k launches and immediately turn them into $100K plus

Or to take your boring, old, industry-standard 2% conversion rate and dial that up to 4% or 5%... Then you need to fill out my free copy quote questionnaire right now. But be warned: I respond fast. Let’s get things done.

Our last time working with Laura resulted in $1.2 million in less than 20 days.

Devin Zander

Laura’s copy and dedication to the team truly blew me away. Need something at 3 am? She’s there. Need something extra with lightning speed? She’s there. Thanks to her copy and consulting, our launch did over $600K and we couldn’t be happier ---- if you want someone who truly CARES, then you can only go with Laura.

Todd Spears

There is no better copywriter in the game than Laura Catella. She changed the way I sell online forever.

Aravindh Sridhar

I’ve hired copywriters for $50,000.00 and I can honestly say that Laura is the best!!

Oli Tee

Laura is a expert copywriter who helped us achieve fantastic results. Our last launch with her did over $100K each and every day it was live.

Brett Rutecky

Laura is the only copywriter I’ll work with, if she’s not available, I’ll either write copy myself or wait until she is. That’s because I can trust her completely: she’s always on deck, her copy converts like crazy, and brings other people on board to promote my products. Working with her during both of my big launches has made me over $800,000.00 and I can’t wait for our future projects together.

Will Souza

$11 EPCs with a $27 FE price point, 27% funnel conversions. Thanks for the awesome work!

Brad Stephens