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Our last time working with Laura resulted in $1.2 million in less than 20 days.

Devin Zander

Laura’s copy and dedication to the team truly blew me away. Need something at 3 am? She’s there. Need something extra with lightning speed? She’s there. Thanks to her copy and consulting, our launch did over $600K and we couldn’t be happier ---- if you want someone who truly CARES, then you can only go with Laura.

Todd Spears

There is no better copywriter in the game than Laura Catella. She changed the way I sell online forever.

Aravindh Sridhar

I’ve hired copywriters for $50,000.00 and I can honestly say that Laura is the best!!

Oli Tee

Laura is a expert copywriter who helped us achieve fantastic results. Our last launch with her did over $100K each and every day it was live.

Brett Rutecky

Laura is the only copywriter I’ll work with, if she’s not available, I’ll either write copy myself or wait until she is. That’s because I can trust her completely: she’s always on deck, her copy converts like crazy, and brings other people on board to promote my products. Working with her during both of my big launches has made me over $800,000.00 and I can’t wait for our future projects together.

Will Souza

$11 EPCs with a $27 FE price point, 27% funnel conversions. Thanks for the awesome work!

Brad Stephens