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The heart of the matter, the words that sell your products. If your words don’t grab your reader by the face, then your business is losing. Luckily, having better words is as easy as finding new words. ;) Click ‘n see exactly how I’ll help you with that.


Have a product online that you’d like to make more successful? I’d bet you can do that in 30 minutes or less. Let my conversion crack eyes take a look, and tell you exactly what you need to do.

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One-stop shop for all of the copywriting, product launching, psychology, networking, client closing, mindset, and even more, training you’ll ever need. Promise. (Ever updating).

Hey, I’m Laura, and I’m hyped

About making you more money.

Addicted to, obsessed with it. GET’S ME GOING I’m even typing this with a fury. I’ve helped my clients generate over $20M in sales (and counting by the minute) with my copywriting services.

And the story of how I got to this point is pretty cool: I sold since I spoke… Pokemon cards, sketchy energy contracts to biz owners in the south Bronx, unmentionables, and any matter of career opportunity.

The personality trait that makes me such a good salesperson is called empathy. I know how people feel, and what they want, and what they need to have before they make a decision about something.

I’ve also always written, and I’ve been humbled to be called the “master of words.”

Because the words you use matter. A lot.

Think of the difference between saying, “I want to go to sleep,” and “I want to lay down,” if you’re on a date and confuse these two you might miss out big time.

I combine these two inner passions with a host of marketing knowledge that I’ve gained in my nearly 10 years of helping many Internet Marketers become legends with superstar products and followings.

And you better be next. Or we’ll both be disappointed.

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copy and video scripts

Front end sales
copy and video scripts.

Upsell and downsell

Upsell and downsell
copy throughout the funnel.

JV recruitment pages

JV recruitment pages,
videos, swipes, etc.

Pre-launch pages

Pre-launch pages,
videos, webinars, etc.

Post launch webinar

Post launch webinar/
evergreen product transition.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads,
e-mail sequences, etc.


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Accolades for my work

Our last time working with Laura resulted in $1.2 million in less than 20 days.

Devin Zander

Laura’s copy and dedication to the team truly blew me away. Need something at 3 am? She’s there. Need something extra with lightning speed? She’s there. Thanks to her copy and consulting, our launch did over $600K and we couldn’t be happier ---- if you want someone who truly CARES, then you can only go with Laura.

Todd Spears

There is no better copywriter in the game than Laura Catella. She changed the way I sell online forever.

Aravindh Sridhar

I’ve hired copywriters for $50,000.00 and I can honestly say that Laura is the best!!

Oli Tee

Laura is a expert copywriter who helped us achieve fantastic results. Our last launch with her did over $100K each and every day it was live.

Brett Rutecky

Laura is the only copywriter I’ll work with, if she’s not available, I’ll either write copy myself or wait until she is. That’s because I can trust her completely: she’s always on deck, her copy converts like crazy, and brings other people on board to promote my products. Working with her during both of my big launches has made me over $800,000.00 and I can’t wait for our future projects together.

Will Souza

$11 EPCs with a $27 FE price point, 27% funnel conversions. Thanks for the awesome work!

Brad Stephens